How a Real Estate Agent Can Help You Purchase a Home


A real estate agent can be invaluable when purchasing a home, since they know the area well. They also can help you learn about the market. Whether you’re buying a home for a second home or for your own use, a real estate agent will be able to provide you with insider information that won’t be available to you on your own. Here are some tips to find a good agent.

Selling a home without a real estate agent

Selling a home without a real estate professional can save you a lot of money and offer more control over the process. However, you will have to invest considerable time, effort, and research into the process. You will have to determine the fair market value of your property, choose the right places to advertise, and be prepared to negotiate with a potential buyer. This method is not for everyone. There are some common mistakes that sellers make when trying to sell a house without a real estate agent.

The main disadvantage to selling a home without an agent is the risk of not maximizing the sale price. While it is true that agent-assisted homes sell for more money than FSBOs, the National Bureau of Economic Research contradicts this and finds that FSBO sellers actually come out ahead in the long run. Additionally, a listing on the MLS is likely to move faster than an FSBO



Buying a home with a real estate agent

A real estate agent’s job is to represent your best interests, which is why you should set high standards for your buyer’s agent. After all, this could be the most important purchase of your life, and you should be sure your agent can deliver. To avoid mistakes and make the process less stressful, you may want to hire a real estate agent you admire and trust. A guide on understanding credit scores is available from Kevin Vitali.

A buyer’s agent has expertise and knowledge in negotiating for the best price. A buyer’s agent will be aware of pitfalls and be able to advise you on the proper price to offer. Your agent will also be able to negotiate on your behalf and write contracts on your behalf. In addition, your real estate agent will be able to advise you on what type of financing you need, and will be able to help you find the best mortgage.

Communication skills of a real estate agent

The communication skills of a real estate agent can help a lot when it comes to the negotiation process. These agents need to be able to convince both parties of the fair terms of the deal. They also need to be diligent in their work and follow up with leads. The communication skills of a real estate agent can help you in various ways, including helping you get more business and achieving greater success.

Good verbal and written communication skills are essential for real estate agents. This means avoiding slang and industry jargon. They should look their clients in the eye and have a pleasant facial expression. They should also be mindful of their body language and make sure it conveys confidence and sincerity. It is also essential that they have good posture. Good posture is an important element of effective communication skills.

Knowing the local real estate market

A good real estate agent will understand the local market. For example, if you live in the northern suburbs of Chicago, you’ll know that the Hoyne neighborhood encompasses neighborhoods from Armitage to North and Rice to Ukrainian Village to Oakley. Likewise, if you live in the East Village and know Winchester Street from Chicago to Division, you’ll know that the Winchester neighborhood encompasses neighborhoods from North to Armitage. Local market knowledge goes beyond knowing the neighborhoods, however. A real estate agent will understand the value of certain features on a property, such as location, garage or exterior parking spot.


MLS gives agents the ability to compare properties to determine their selling price. This knowledge will benefit both the buyer and seller. MLS gives agents data on average listing age, percent of listings that sell, and recent sales prices. Knowing the local market also means a real estate agent will be able to alert you to new listings and know how to make an offer stand out.

Knowing the local real estate market is a key factor in determining the price of a property.


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